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Burton Campbell has been sharing life and hope with others for more than 30 years. Coming alongside individuals, non-profits, churches, small groups, university organizations, and more,  Burt has helped equip, mentor, and resource people as they discover purpose, authenticity, and wholeness in their relationships with God and with others. 

Having spent the last 17 years serving a local church in Ohio, Burt also has shared with friends internationally including Mexico, Honduras, Ireland and China. Now strategically placed in the center of America, Burt is available to speak to your group, leadership team, and/or congregation. Use the contact form below to let him know how he might be able to serve you!





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God has blessed me with such a wonderful family! Embracing my role as a husband and father is the primary call of my life. Authentic living starts at home, and any public ministry is only as strong as that which is privately lived!

Get to know me:

The world is full of all kinds of people, each one totally loved by God. Here I am in Beijing with Alan. Over 2 days, we shared stories, experiences, and worldviews. Key to any ministry is listening, especially to those who see the world differently from you.

Life is about learning, and we mentor others as we live that journey openly. Here I am with my good friend, Ronnie, who asked me to pour into his life over a couple of years. Along the way, I gained more than I gave. That's how it works!

At the end of the day, our words and actions can only go so far. We still need the presence and power of Christ who always accomplishes far more than we can even ask or think! So never fail to wait on God, to offer prayer, and to depend on supernatural intervention. 


To be announced soon.

Somewhere, USA

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